Friday, 6 September 2013


Help I need to buy a new printer but I'm

My beloved Epson Stylus Photo printer gave up the ghost last week. I bought another Epson, the Expression Home XP-312 but its rubbish! The print heads are leaving tracks on smooth white card that is only 250gsm's and I sometimes like to print up to 300gsm's.

In addition it doesn't seem to print digi papers in the correct colours, they're printing much darker than they are on the computer.

I've been looking at Canon printers but even compatible ink carts are really expensive compared to Epson.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated as I can't print anything now until I buy a new printer

What do you all use?


Glittered Paws said...

Well---I am on my third HP - and love it!!! My original is upstairs with my PC, my second one was hit my lightening, and so I replaced it with a third HP for my craft top/laptop. It is wireless - simple to operate, good quality print, I would get another.

Unknown said...

oooh, so sad to hear that you have trouble with your printer...Unfortunatly i can't help at all... Me and printers...well we don't work that well together... Even the one at work i struggle and have daily arguments with....*lol* Good luck sweety!!! Hugs and sunshine

Nikki said...

Hey Donna I use a HP Printer it prints true to the color I see on screen but I've also calibrated my screen to my printer perhaps you should do that there are tests that come with them usually
I always buy my printers based on the price of ink HP is pretty Cheap here.

The Little Stamper said...

Hi Donna. I had to change my printer earlier in the year and I went for a Kodak one. The cartridges are very economical and I have found it to be perfect for printing images and papers. Mine is a Kodak Hero. A word to the wise...if you have a Currys / PC world near you it is worth looking there as they have this extended warranty thingy which costs about £20 - it means that you can take back the item for any reason and they will replace it no questions asked. They will also let you choose a completely different printer too, so it's a safety net if you don't get on with the one you have chosen. Hope this helps.
Sharon x

XxJULESxX said...

Hi Donna sorry about your printer problem have you looked on your troubleshoot page?, i have a Lexmark all in one and it's the best one iv'e ever had!.
It take 300gsm and vellum and acetate no problem, i don't think the ink is cheap though but i don't buy the original. Hope this helps?!