Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Major Surgery and Willberry the Wonder Pony

Gosh, it been so long since I posted on my blog, I'd almost forgotten how to create a new post! I had intended to post an update on my blog sooner but due to illness I have only just recently felt able to sit at the computer to type.

My reason for being absent, is that in April I was diagnosed with lung cancer, a rare Carcinoid tumour on my right lung. I had surgery at the beginning of June where the tumour was successfully removed along with the bottom third of my right lung.

My surgeon also performed a Bronchioplasty which is where he took a muscle from my body, smoothed it out and used it to reconnect a major artery to my heart (the tumour was originally resting against the artery).

The excellent news is that as the tumour has successfully been removed and hadn't gone into my lymph nodes, so I won't require any chemo or radio therapy.

Recovery has been incredibly slow and nobody could have prepared me for the excessive pain I have experienced but I'm doing really well now and although I still can't lean over my craft desk or lift anything heavy (like my Big Shot) I have been managing to crochet, which I don't mind admitting, has kept me sane over the last few months.

I thought I'd share a photo of this adorable little berry pony which I have named 'Barberberry' he's the mascot for the Hannah Francis Willberry Wonder Pony charity, which raises funds to support vital cancer research and to grant equine related wishes to seriously ill people and their families.

Every berry pony loves to wear a little scarf and I crocheted one for Barberberry to keep him warm ❤

Sorry for the long post and waffling on, I just wanted to let my lovely followers know why I have been absent from blogging for so long!


catherine said...

Hello Donna and thanks for letting us know . I am so pleased you are on the road to recovery and sending you big hugs . This was a shock when I read your post and can't even begin to imagine what you have been through over the past few months. Take things easy and look after yourself and it has been so lovely to hear from you on a positive note. Your project is beautiful and I am glad you are able to do something crafty. Bigs hugs and love
x catherine

Dotty Jo said...

Goodness, Donna, sounds like complicated surgery, but I'm so glad to hear that it's been successful. Sending very gentle big hugs to you. I hope you are feeling good as new very soon, but just take everything slowly and look after yourself, Jo x

Ali said...

Donna glad you are on the mend and back to full strength soon huge but gentle hugs xx

Lorraine said...

Oh my goodness Donna. You have really been through it. I'm so glad to read that you gave the cancer a great big kiss up it's ass! I hope you continue to get stronger and are soon back to full health.
Sending you big hugs.
Lorraine x

Eve said...

Hi Donna
I am so so sorry to hear about your illness and would like to wish you a very speedy recovery.

I did wonder where you were - thank you for letting everyone know.
Glad that crochet has been a comfort to you.

Sending gentle hugs

Eve xx

Eve said...

P.S I think that Willberry is adorable!!

MagsB said...

Oh Donna, what a difficult time you've had! I'm so glad that all is going well and that you didn't have to suffer through chemo. (Chemo sucks!) The Bronchioplasty sounds awesome - how clever our doctors are! Congratulations!!

Recovery is always so slow: the brain cheerfully says 'Let's clean the kitchen today!' and halfway through, the body says 'Nope. Not gonna happen.' You'll see improvement a bit at a time, it's frustrating, but gradually it'll all get better.

Take care!

Much love, Maggie xxx

Suzie Q said...

Hi Donna,
sending you lots of love and thinking of you i hope you get back to tip top condition soon, how worrying it must of been for you and your family so pleased you have come out on top!!
huge hugs
Suzie QXxx

Michelle said...

Oh Donna! So sorry to hear what a wrotten time you've had. sending you love and hugs for more paefultimes ahead. Great that youre back to crafting again.
x Michelle

Mrs A. said...

Oh my goodness Donna, I have only just caught up with your blog and heard your news. I do so hope your getting over your surgery and still improving. I lost my Dad at the end of August and then a dear family friend had major heart surgery two weeks ago and is slowly recovering. I have been out of it with organising the funeral and then giving support to our friends wife and catching up in blogland. I do feel bad that I have only just found out and hope that even if not blogging you are managing to read any messages here. hugs Mrs A.