Sunday, 21 August 2011


Help...I desparately need a new score board and I'm confused about which one to buy...I was looking at the Scor-Pal but have just found the Martha Stewart Score Board!

Which one should I buy or are there any others I should be looking at?

Many thanks in advance


Amanda said...

Hi Donna, I have the hougie and Martha stewart boards. Both have their positives, ms is close together so easy to graduate, hougie has cm on one side and inches on th othe so can easily be used for either measurements. Have only had my hougie a few weeks but have found it easy to use especially at my craft group. Have fun choosing and let us know which one you decide on

Jane (Carroll's Creations) said...

I have the MS and love it but wish I would have waited and bought the Hougie board as double sided with metric and imperial. Worth looking at hun

Hugs Jane x

Marion said...

Hi Donna,
I have the Martha Stewart score board and I love it. Hope this helps.

Oma said...

Get the Scor Pal - The Martha Stewart score board's grooves do not seem to be deep enough and when you are scoring, it tends skip to the next groove. The score tool that comes with it is too sharp and will cut through thin card stock. I have both and but love my Scor Pal. The MS score board is handy for making envelopes and I like the fact that the score lines are 1/8" increments. I use the Scor Pal most of the time. If you go to

you can see a video comparing the 2.

Alison said...

I use two boards- a crafters companion one with markings like 'half fold A4, gatefold A4' etc and a hougie board. Because A4 is a strange measurement I like my premarked board for making card bases and it has the box board on the back. The disadvantage of this board is that it is the same size as A4 so you have to check for the chanel. I love the hougie board for steppers and making boxes to attach to cards eg. tealight or cake candle holders. Hougie has 5mm intervals on one side and half inch on other. Only my preferences, but I hope this helps.

Jemima's Jems said...

i have a scor pal donna and i love it, deep grooves clear measurements and loads a online tutorials for projects:)


Sue said...

Hi hun
erm well i got the ms one last year, i have used it twice! lol, even me old score-pal one i never used, well not for folding me card i just bend in half n use me bone folder!!! lol, sue,x

Wishcraft said...

I have the MS one and love it, but I haven't tried the others so can't compare. You do need to be a bit careful that the scoring tool doesn't slip out of the fairly shallow grooves, but I still find mine really easy to use. Lisa x

Anonymous said...

I have a scorpal and am very happy with it,good luck with your choice
Hugs Julie P

cardmaking bird said...

I've not got either, so I'm not talking from personal experience but I've heard some not good reviews for the MS board. If I were to buy one - I'd go for a hougie board - Coops has got one of these ones too - speak to her about it!! HTH. Hugs, Marie xx

coops said...

hiya donna.i have indeed got the hougie board and i love it.the channels are nice and deep and its double sided which is a chance of mislaying it cos the colours horrid but i love using mine for making boxes and centre step and side step cards.
someone gave me the link to the scorpal website which has lots of tutorials on, you just need to look at the metric projects and away you go.
there is also a mag you can buy for the hougie board but its a bit expensive and you can easily find lots of projects online.

xx coops xx

Violets Corner said...

I have the MS, it works really well for my needs, the score tool is sharp, so no extra pushing is needed. Haven't tried a ScorPal, so I can't compare.