Tuesday, 14 July 2009

No Card Today...

...Boohoo...what with being out all day Sunday and then out again last night I didn't have any time to make a card! This weeks seems such a busy week with the children breaking up from school and I think they are more than ready for the break...James is on a creative writing course this week...he was nominated to represent his school by his English teacher...unfortunately it is being held at a school that is about 20 miles away so it means a bit more travelling than usual...he's enjoying the time away from school so its not all bad lol! Hope you all have a good Tuesday...I should hopefully have a card to show you tomorrow :)


Unknown said...

Hi Donna, know how you feel about the kids being off. I go down to my shed and 2 seconds later, it is "granny can I have" "mum can I do".....LOL. You must be so proud of your son I hope you allow us to see some of his creations..Enjoy the summer holidays. Hugs Avril xx

PinksyDoodles said...

I'm getting a bit worried about crafting - it should be on the "A" list of addictions. We all get such bad withdrawal symptoms when we can't have our fix for a day or two!
Hope James has a fabulous week.
Clare x

Unknown said...

Oh no, how can I get through the day without my "Donna" fix!! Hope you're back soon!

Jan xx

LOUISE said...

Hi Donna, hope you are well. I am not looking forward to Pamela breaking up from school at the end of the week. Six weeks of sheer boredom, and moaning. Hopefully she will be going to Dubai for two weeks with the MIL, but she is also looking forward to seeing my mom who is coming to visit for a week from South Africa. Can't wait have not seen her for 3 years. Keep well, and speak to you soon. Lou x

Emma said...

So glad to see you got some craft time & posted this morning.
Well done to James.
Emma x

Maria Matter said...

woohoo for James, way to go!
Your children are brilliant Donna! Shame the course couldn't take place a little closer...but he will enjoy the week I'm sure!

Blessings, Maria