Monday, 2 February 2009

We Have Snow & Lots Of It.............

I did make it in to work this morning but as the snow is still coming down quite heavily my boss sent me home, so I am now working from home :) James & Sophie's schools are closed today but they haven't been out in the snow yet and are both still in their jarmies lol!


Wendy said...

No snow here :(
Wendy x

Pauline said...

I've not gone in today Donna - no buses. I'm so glad your boss is sensible and sent you home - it's just too risky out there on the roads at the moment.

Jill said...

yes we've had lots of snow Donna, but my boss didn't let me work from home lol hugs Jill xx

Sue said...

looks a bit different to what we had,looked like someone here had sprinkled icing sugar and now it's pouring with