Sunday, 25 January 2009


......thanks Michele :) the rules are to navigate to where you keep your pictures, choose the 6th folder then choose the 6th picture and tell about it, post the picture on your blog with an explanation and then tag 6 others and let them know they have been tagged!

Meet 'Freya'
She is my sisters beautiful Rottweiler and this was taken in my sisters garden last summer, you can just see her other Rottie behind Freya and he's name is Herbie. They are 2 of the most loving and gentle 'big' dogs you could ever wish to meet!

Now comes the part where I am to tag 6 others but seeing as most of my blogging buddies have already been tagged, Im going to thow this open to anyone who visits my blog, to grab the tag and post on their own blog :)


Bev said...

Freya is gorgeous and I'm in love lol (oh no groans my hubby who has 9 cavaliers dotted around his chair lol)

hugs Bev x

Anonymous said...

Freya's sooo cute. I want her!!! By the look of the pic you can tell Herbie's not interested in the camera!!!