Monday, 22 December 2008


Morning everyone, I just want to thank all of you who have visited my blog over the last week and to apologise for not visiting you all on your own blogs. Work was horrendous last week and I was working until 10/11pm most nights! I was then struck down over the weekend with this rotten flu bug type thingy that's been going around and yesterday was wasted with me just laying in bed all day :( I'm feeling a bit better today so will hopefully get round your blogs this evening.............I hope everyone is OK and not stressing too much with the Christmas arrangements.

Take care girls




Wendy said...

Hope you feel better soon Donna and have a lovely Christmas.
Wendy x

Chris said...

Hi Donna, sorry you've had such a bad week at work and that you got the awful flu thing. Hope you're feeling better very soon and that you have a lovely Christmas. Hugs, Chris xxx

Jill said...

aww Donna never worry about not leaving comments hun, sorry to hear you've been so busy, and I hope you are better soon Merry Christmas hugs Jill xx

Alison said...

Big hugs Donna, hope your feeling better soon. Have a wonderful Christmas.

metalicbutterfly said...

Sorry to hear you havnt been well hun hope you are feeling better soon !!!

Emma xxx

Rosietoes said...

Oh, Donna, how horrible for you. I do hope that you are feeling a lot better this evening.
I've been innundated with things to do and I haven't been able to visit all my fav blogs. I reckon there are a lot of us bogged down with 'have to's' at the minute. I just popped in to wish you and the family a very Happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year. Take care! :)