Thursday, 24 July 2008


It was my hubby's 50th birthday earlier on this year and I wanted to buy him a little MG as he is MG mad! After months of searching we finally found a car that was reasonably priced and very local to us and we went and bought it last night :) He's like a kid in a sweet shop and he's out playing in it with the roof down as I type lol! I'll be back later hopefully to post a card I made earlier :)


Sue said...

What a lovely car Donna, wow, how generous are you my Dh keeps asking me for a jag but i never buy him one, he gets a box of wine gums
Just think Donna of all the cricut carts you could have bought instead;-)


Donna said...

Great thinking Sue and don't worry its all in hand, he'll have to pay the price at some point, I'm just biding my time ROFL!

Sue said...

That's me girl;-)lol


Linny said...

Fab car Donna. Will you be using it for the Glitterpot meet? Wouldnt mind a sit in that! lol Lindax

Donna said...

Not if we all come Linda, its only a 2 seater lol!